Fred Keeton is owner and Principal at Keeton Iconoclast Consulting, LLC.  The firm offers expertise in executive leadership development, cognitive and economic Inclusion, government and public affairs as well as keynote speeches in these areas.  As Chief Iconoclast, Keeton helps organizations and executives create the capacity to effectively challenge their own thinking and in the process evolve leadership to new and advanced levels. 


Keeton enjoyed a highly successful 30 plus year career at Caesars Entertainment, where he served as Vice President of External Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer. In  that role,  he  oversaw  operationalizing  diversity  and  inclusion  in innovation  and  continuous  improvement, economic inclusion-Supplier  Sourcing,  Community  Reinvestment,  Design  and  Construction,  Marketing, and Human  Resources.  Keeton led  Caesars’ senior  executive  team  on issues  pertaining  to  reputation-management,  government  relations  diversity  and inclusion  awareness,  and  driving business  outcomes  through  operationalizing Diverse  By  Design (DbyD) Project Teams.



Keeton  is  widely  respected  for  his  knowledge  and  business  acumen  and  is  a  noted  and  sought  after speaker. Fred's  veteran  business  and  corporate  relations  experience  allows  him  to effectively  address  dynamic  and  highly  challenging issues  in  our  ever-changing  political,  social and economic environment. 


Throughout  Keeton’s  tenure,  he  has  developed  relationships  with  key business leaders, government officials, along with community  and  philanthropic  leaders.  Fred  served as Co-Chair of the  American  Gaming Association’s  Diversity  Task  Force,  on the  governing  board  of the  National Minority  Supplier Development Council  (NMSDC), and the board of trustees for Harvard Medical School’s Joslin Diabetes Research Center all while continuing to  take  a  national  leadership  role  in  our  country’s  quest  for continued world leadership and full inclusion.